Save 25-35% per year!

Preventive maintenance saves on average 25-35% per year on your overall yearly repair costs!

Cost Saving Maintenance Items
Why you do them! What they do for your vehicle!

Fuel Tune Up
Fuel Tune UpThis helps to get the proper amount of fuel and air into the combustion chamber, making your vehicles engine the most efficient it can be, giving you improved mileage and also emitting less harmful emissions. This will start to pay you with the improved mileage.

Brake Service
Brake Service#1 reason is safety! Helps all four wheels brake evenly so the vehicle stops properly - faster and straighter. Extends the life of the brake linings because all four wheels are doing the braking.

Brake Fluid Flushes
Brake Fluid FlushesThe #1 reason is safety!! Brake fluid flushes lowers the chance of brake failure because of contaminated fluid. Master cylinder failure. Calipers or wheel cylinders seizing or sticking. Extends the life of the hydraulic system and brake lining. Possible cost saving - your life!

Coolant Flushes
Coolant FlushesAntifreeze becomes acidic and contaminated. Doing a coolant flush lubricates the pump. It helps prevent corrosion and deterioration of the radiator, heater core and hoses. Potential cost to replace items - $300.00 to $1,500.

Power Steering Flushes
Power Steering FlushesThe dirty look of the fluid is filings form internal wear. Filings can cause the pump and steering rack to fail. The cost to replace both is $750.00 to $2,000.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Flushes
Automatic Transmission Fluid FlushesSame as doing Oil & Filter Changes on your engine. This can help prevent the cost of having to do a Transmission Overhaul. Cost of a Transmission Overhaul is $2,500 to $3,500.

Engine Oil Flushes
Engine Oil FlushesRemoves sludge and harmful deposits. Helps prevent the cost of an engine overhaul - $3,500 to $5,000.