I have a no dicker policy as I am pricing them at an amount I need to get for them.

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I have had safeties plus a pre-purchase inspection done on each vehicle to try to ensure the vehicles are in good shape. Because it is a used vehicle, issues will come up as time goes on. Your purchase is protected by our Pre-Owned CoVeR (CVR) Program (approx. $1,200.00 retail value). The Pre-Owned CVR Program includes the 6 month/6,000 km, Limited Superior Protection Lubrico Warranty, which covers items like Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, Water Pump, Starter, Alternator, Wiper Motor, Heater motor, Rack & Pinion, Power Steering Pump, Upper & Lower ball joints, Brake Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, A/C Compresssor, and many other items ($609.00 value) and 10 Free Oil and Filter Changes (approx. $475.00 value). Also an in house warranty which is: for the first 60 days, do any regularly priced repairs not covered by the Lubrico Warranty at 50% off, then the next 60 days - 25% off, and 19% off for the remainder of the 1st year of ownership. (total approx. retail value $1200.00). For added peace of mind the Lubrico Warranty can be upgraded to various levels and types of coverage. Click here to learn more about our CVR Program.

Warmly, Lance Reinheimer

P.S. Our goal is when you've purchased a vehicle from us, you drive away as confident as we are that you bought a quality vehicle, which was value for your money.